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Our programs offer an extensive range of training. We provide one year training options that include a wide range of vocations for the aviation industry, as well as flight attendant training.

Skyy Aviation has been providing quality aviation training for the past 9 years. As a Company, we ensure that we stay abreast of global aviation trends to deliver on our brand promise.  

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The aviation industry presents career opportunities that suit many interests and backgrounds. People often think that jobs within the aviation industry are limited to pilots , engineers, air traffic controllers and flight attendants , this is absolutely untrue. There are various positions available within this sector that is relevant to the diverse roles required to achieve safe air transportation.

Airline Maintenance Staff carry out inspections and repairs essential to ensure that aircrafts stay in good condition. Ground Crew keep cabins clean, replenish supplies for passengers, load cargo and luggage as well as refuel aircraft.  Flight Dispatchers compute airplanes performance, plan flights, monitor progress and provide support. Customer Service Agents sell air tickets, liaise with the public and assist passengers with boarding procedures etc, Support Staff market the airline, develop schedules and manage finances of the airline.

As airports are the point of arrival and departure for all airlines, The facility they provide is crucial to the smooth functioning of the air transportation system. Amongst the many positions the airport operator offer, some of the jobs relevant to the operations on the aerodrome include Ground Handlers, Specialised Drivers, Ramp Controllers, Security Personal, Technical Staff to non Technical Staff.


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